Micron Bio-Systems supports milk price protests

Micron Bio-Systems are pleased to support Farmers for action and local dairy farmers in their campaign for a fair and sustainable milk price.

“The average milk price paid to dairy producers in the UK is presently just 25ppl compared to the average cost of production of 30ppl. This leaves no margin for any income, reinvestment, savings or pension provision, etc.; this cannot be justified and allowed to continue. Retailers continually use milk as a loss leader to lure the consumer into their shops, forcing the processors to accept a low price, which then pass this on but making sure that they make a profit, onto the primary producer, i.e. the dairy producer.”

The recent pressure and resultant decrease on farm gate milk prices has led to dairy farmers peacefully demonstrating at various processors throughout the UK and both FFA and dairy farmers are to be congratulated for their peaceful demonstration which created an atmosphere of solidarity throughout the industry.

Micron staff were pleased to attend protests in Bridgwater, Somerset…

Let’s make milk sustainable!

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