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Are you ready to make the most out of your forage this year?

Grass, wholecrop, legume and maize; clearly not all forages are the same. This is why the Advance range of inoculants from Micron Bio-Systems are crop-specific. 

Good silaging practices and preparation are of course key, ensuring the silage is harvested at the right time, with attention and care taken throughout the process from beginning to end, to reap rewards in the milk tank. Getting this right, however, is often a challenge! There are many things out of your control, not least the vagaries of the weather.  Here we think about what you can control, to help you get you more out of what you grow, by using crop-specific silage inoculants.  


Micron Appoints New Director

We have appointed David Turnbull as our new Commercial Director.  This is a new main Board position for Micron Bio-Systems Ltd.  David is a familiar face to many of our customers, having previously held the role of UK & Ireland Sales Manager for four years.


How clean is your grass?

Silage season has started for some farmers in Cornwall. Here are the findings of John Williams, Regional Sales Manager at Micron after his recent visit to Cornwall to deliver urgently needed Advance Grass silage inoculant.

04/05/2020 – new web app launched today for dairy farms

This is a new online rapid mycotoxin risk assessment tool launched by Micron Bio-Systems Ltd.  MycocheckUp is a very handy question and answer assessment, to be used by farmers and farm advisors to provide a rapid indication of mycotoxin risk on a dairy farm.  By answering a few quick questions, farmers can learn about their risk of mycotoxins from their harvest, storage and feeding practises on their own farm.


Young vets, part of the solution to a successful future in livestock

We appreciate that farming vets are an integral part of the agricultural landscape worldwide. At Micron Bio-Systems we love to hear about new veterinary research projects and are keen to support new veterinary professionals as they begin their careers going out onto farms across the globe. 


Advance Grass – Evidence of product efficacy

We trial and test all our products, and each year we carry out field trials on our Advance silage inoculants – on different farms and different crops.  We have just completed analysing our 2018 field trial results for Advance grass, presented here now.


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