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Analytical Services

Micron Bio-Systems offer a range of analytical services, including the Mycocheck Service.

Mycocheck is the comprehensive laboratory analysis service that uses advanced technology to detect and identify the main mycotoxins in forage, grains, straw and compound livestock feeds.  Mycocheck is a UKAS accredited service.  The Mycocheck mycotoxin analysis service uses ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS), in our laboratory that is fully accredited to ISO 17025 (for feed analysis). The online service for ordering tests and receiving results, together with detailed information on the risk of mycotoxins to livestock, can be found at

The Mycocheck 4 Step process

By submitting a sample of feed, forage or straw to Mycocheck for a full spectrum of testing you will be able to identify which mycotoxins are present and to what level.   


One sample. One test. Total control. 

Visit and find out how you can know your risk in a few quick clicks.

Web App for Dairy Farmers -

Dairy farmers and advisors can also use Micron Bio-Systems rapid risk assessment web app to provide a fast, on-farm assessment of mycotoxin risk at any given time.

  • Four languages available: English, French, Dutch and Spanish.


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