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Important Notice

In the past few months rumours have been circulating in the market about Greenlands Nutrition Ltd with regard to the silage additive Optimize.

Optimize products are manufactured by Micron Bio-Systems Ltd, who own the formulations and registrations of the active ingredients contained therein. The products were distributed and sold by Greenlands Nutrition Ltd throughout the UK and wider EU countries.

Last month Greenlands Nutrition Ltd were required by Trading Standards to carry out a full recall of all Optimize products from the market.

The market was advised by Greenlands Nutrition Ltd that they were having to do this because of a manufacturing fault by Micron Bio-Systems.

Micron Bio-Systems Ltd wishes to state categorically that this is not true, it is false information.  The product recall was caused entirely because Greenlands Nutrition Ltd have been found to be producing, for some considerable period, counterfeit versions of Optimize using unauthorised ingredients – and passing them off in the market as bona fide Optimize, labelled as having been produced by Micron.

Identifying counterfeit Optimize product.

  • Batch code and date of manufacture label

Regulation stipulates that all forage inoculant/additive products must carry a date of manufacture and a batch code for the purpose of traceability.  Counterfeit products either do not have this information on every pot or the label is different to the originals.  Legitimate products have the batch code on the top and date of manufacture below and the label has a distinctive shape (attached).

  • Product Quality

Legitimate product should be a light cream colour with a slight smell. The counterfeit versions vary in colour and have a strong, pungent smell.

  • Labelling

Labelling regulations require that all forage inoculants/additives carry a warning symbol. Some of the counterfeit products do not have this.

Whilst we believe the investigations by DEFRA and Trading Standards into Greenlands Nutrition Ltd counterfeiting activities are ongoing, Micron would wish to extend the offer of product and technical support to any customer, distributor, or end user of the Optimize products, who may have any concerns about the consequences of using counterfeit product, including any assistance in identifying genuine Micron product from counterfeit product.

David Turnbull
National Sales Manager
M: 07771 843 208
W: www.micronbio-systems.co.uk
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Twitter: twitter.com/Micronbio

  -- Posted on July 10, 2017 by Laura Llamas

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