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Change is coming. Micron Bio-Systems is prepared

After 25 years spent researching the principles that underlie the biological systems that impact animal health and well-being, Micron Bio-Systems are pleased to introduce Robusta to help deal with the challenges of the post-antibiotic era. Formulated to bring inner strength, the product combines prebiotic effects, with the microflora-balancing properties of yeast products and powerful antioxidants, to deliver enhanced growth performance.

Gluconic acid, a prebiotic that by-passes digestion in the upper gastro-intestinal tract, stimulates the production of butyric acid in the hind gut. Butyrate has positive effects in the large intestine that help to maintain gut integrity, digestion and absorption, and improve the barrier function. In addition, butyrate may help to control pathogens. Mannan-oligosaccharides also help to prevent gut wall damage, and the stimulation of beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacteria species and Lactobacillus species helps to balance the microflora. Carefully selected polyphenols, derived from plants, contribute anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties thus helping Robusta to enhance the growth of modern broilers and pigs. Pig&Poultry E-shot

Robusta can be combined with Immuguard to provide immune support during the immunity gap in young animals, and at times of stress – weaning, re-housing and transportation can compromise the immune response due to increased levels of corticosteroids. Immuguard combines β-glucans, with bioactive ingredients such as peptides, amino acids, nucleotides and mannanoligosaccharides. The result is a product that supports the entire immune system, binds potential pathogens, and balances the microflora.

  -- Posted on April 3, 2018 by Laura Llamas

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