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No one trick pony

As the most cost-effective way of feeding livestock, home-grown forage is an essential part of any feed plan.
Poor fermentation reduces nutritive value, whilst moulding and a lack of aerobic stability can cause significant spoilage all of which increases the cost of every litre of milk you ship.

Advance Silage Inoculants contain four key components which ensure:

  • A rapid drop in pH. Two strains of Lactobacillus are added that dominate the fermentation over a wide pH range.
  • Maximum fermentation activity. A microbial stimulant helps to ensure maximum activity.
  • Aerobic stability achieved through the addition of acetic acid bacteria that inhibit spoilage yeasts, moulds and bacteria.
  • Improved fibre digestibility. An enzyme package softens grains and opens up fibre in the stover to improve digestibility.

And, because different silage crops vary in structure, Advance comes in four formulations for grass, corn, whole crop and legumes.
After 25 years of testing and refining silage inoculants around the world, we think you’ll find Advance is a great performer.

No one trick pony
  -- Posted on March 23, 2018 by Laura Llamas

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