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About Micron


For more than 25 years Micron Bio-Systems has been dedicated to developing cutting edge product-based agricultural solutions and species-specific programs designed to improve animal health and performance. 

Our original products were researched, designed and robustly trialled by our company owner, Dr David Parfitt.  Today, our team of scientists and technicians continue David's legacy and work, ensuring that all of our product range are fit for purpose and continue to be some of the best available to farmers.

Our philosophy is based on fundamental principles that underline the importance of the animals’ internal and external biological systems and their subsequent impact on health and wellbeing. A thorough understanding of farming production systems is essential before we apply our SMART SCIENCE and core scientific competencies in microbiology, biochemistry, enzymology and immunology.  With this knowledge the challenges are identified and key technologies applied to build product-based solutions. 

We  supply our products through a reputable network of agricultural distributors, operating across the world.  Our distributors are supported through our exceptional customer service and product support.

Our operation is based from one location; with production, customer service and product R&D all working together.  This enables us to ensure exceptional product quality and consistency to all of our distributors customers, the farmers.


Micron's 4 pillars

Micron’s approach is based upon four pillars, each of which incorporates technology based products and solutions to address challenges in animal health and husbandry.

These pillars are:


Our trusted products provide solutions for feed sanitation and protection, mycotoxin risk management, stimulation of growth performance, enhancement of natural body defence mechanism.  Our environmental products provide both practical and biological support to agricultural slurry management.


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