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Environmental Support

MicroZyme - Slurry treatment

MicroZyme is an advanced biological slurry treatment for the use in the reduction of solids, odour control and supports the retention of valuable nitrogen in stored liquid manure.  Microzyme R is specifically formulated for ruminant slurry whilst Microzyme S, for swine.


Sediment and crusting minimised - easier storage, mixing, emptying and thus usage of this valuable by-product, faster pump outs and easier injection.

Enviromental benefits - supports reducing harmful and smelly emissions.  Reduction in surface run off with less fibrous residue on plan leaves.  Easier to comply with the authorities and nicer for the neighbours.

Preserved fertilizer value - reducing bought in fertilizer need and improving plant uptake allowing slurry to be applied to multi-cut systems.  Nutritive quality from start to finish.

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